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A personal loan is a credit agreement for consumption. It is also called installment loan or personal loan all purposes. This credit allows you to finance all types of spending, whether an unexpected expense, purchase of property not actual consumption or funding various services. The amount borrowed must be repaid in full and the intérêts.La main feature of this financial tool is that it is not affected. That is to say; it does not finance a specific purchase. So do not provide documents to justify the purpose and the amount borrowed.

If you want to make the trip of your dreams in Asia or pay for your child’s education, buying new furniture, all the personal loan purposes are proper credit. It allows you to fund your many projects without having to touch your savings or your investments.

In Belgium, there is a wide range of personal loan all purposes such as wedding loan staff, ready decoration, digital or electronic equipment loan, the loan studies … These credits are not affected, and all work the same way. The term of the loan may change from one bank to another.

It should make the difference between a personal loan affected and unaffected. The affected personal loan is a personal loan that allows you to buy a specific such as a car, a motorcycle or making renovations or installation of solar panels. The personal loan all goals is a credit to the non-affected consumption, which allows you to finance all types of property or non-specific service, such as a vacation, a family event (baptism, marriage, death …) the purchase of new furniture, buying appliances. This type of loan is usually called personal loan or all goals all reasons

Whether affected or unaffected, installment loans work the same way- Iterative Software. The only difference is the purpose of your loan. Whether you take a personal loan for any purpose finance part of your holiday in Australia or to redecorate your apartment, it does not change because no supporting documentation is required. Also, unlike assigned personal loans (car loan, motorcycle, work), personal loan type all goals usually has no impact on the interest rate (APR). Interest rates are similar.